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eGPU VS Gaming laptop which is better

eGPU VS Gaming laptop which is better

eGPU VS Gaming laptop which is better is the question rooming in every gamer and experts mind. But we have solution in our article.

Gaming on any laptop is now possible thanks to external GPUs (eGPU). You would not need to buy a gaming laptop if you have an eGPU. All you have to do now is get a strong GPU, plug it in, and start playing your favorite games.

Even if that’s fantastic, it’s not enough. In comparison to eGPUs, gaming laptops have a few advantages. As a result, deciding whether to buy a gaming laptop or an eGPU is a difficult task. When you make your final selection, consider the following. Here’s all you need to know about gaming laptops vs. external graphics cards (external GPUs).

Here we are going to look at the pros and cons or different features of eGPU and gaming laptop to know which is better (eGPU VS Gaming laptop which is better) than other;

Gaming Laptops

eGPU VS Gaming laptop which is better

Gaming laptops were explicitly designed for gaming, from the interior to the exterior. To avoid bottlenecks, the CPU and GPU combo is always the best.

Furthermore, the display has a fast refresh rate for smooth game-play. As a result, the machine is gaming-ready.


Especially when compared to extern GPUs. Gaming laptops are lighter and easier to transport. They aren’t as large or hefty. Some gaming laptops can even compete with ultra books in terms of thinness and weight. Thin and light gaming laptops include the Gigabyte Aero, ASUS Zephyrus, and MSI GS series.

Gaming Laptops’ Drawbacks


Suppose you want to have the most significant gaming experience possible. Then expect to lose a lot of money. The greatest of the best will set you back more than $2,500, with some going as high as $4,000. However, this is only for the upper crust.

Price of Gigabyte Aero 15x

Towards being honest, there are plenty of decent laptops that are reasonable — check out this page for current laptop bargains. Buying one of them can also be less expensive than buying an external GPU and a laptop.

A Dell XPS 15 with an external GPU will set you back more than a good gaming laptop.

We are unable to upgrade my GPU The most significant disadvantage of all computers, even gaming laptops. The same may be said for the CPU. You’re trapped with the hardware until death does you apart after you buy the computer.

The RAM and storage are the only components that can be upgraded. You can’t even increase the RAM or storage on some computers. That is why it is critical to understand your gaming requirements before making a purchase.

What is an eGPU (electronic graphics processing unit)?

They are external Graphics Processing Units, as the name implies (eGPU). Because you can attach a GPU externally to a laptop, they’re termed external GPUs.

Connectable peripherals for a desktop or laptop computer. It’s the same as using an external mouse or keyboard. However, you can’t just plug it into any laptop. Your laptop should have a Thunderbolt-compatible USB-C port.

Large amounts of data can be sent in a second with USB-C Thunderbolt ports. The PCI Express, a high-speed serial link, is responsible for this.

Laptops are the primary target for eGPUs. Connecting an eGPU to a PC isn’t a good idea. Because the GPU can be readily repaired or replaced. You only need to open the case and install the GPU to be ready to go.

That is not the case with laptops. Laptop GPUs are soldered to the motherboard, making replacement nearly hard.

External graphics cards allow you to use powerful graphics cards with your laptop. However, the most significant advantage is the ease with which you may replace the graphics card.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of eGPUs

When the GPU in a laptop becomes obsolete, you must purchase a new one, which might be pricey. However, when using an external GPU, you only need to change the GPU, not the laptop. It’s for this reason that external GPUs are so popular.

Advantages of eGPUs

Upgradeable with ease

The significant advantage of external GPUs is their upgradeability. Is you’re GPU old and no longer capable of delivering the FPS you want? Just replace it with a newer, more powerful GPU.

That is why eGPUs are so popular. Laptops, as previously stated, are not upgradeable in terms of CPU and GPU. To play games, you don’t need to buy a gaming laptop or desktop.

You don’t need a gaming laptop or a gaming desktop if you use external GPUs. It’s more of a plug-and-play type of accessory. You can acquire an ultrabook and use an external GPU to play games on it. Battery life and gaming performance are both excellent. You also stay away from the “gaming look.” There are certain outliers, such as gaming laptops.

External GPUs have some disadvantages (eGPUs)

Very Expensive

Although an external GPU is much less expensive than a gaming laptop, the costs quickly mount up. A Thunderbolt 3 port should also be present on the laptop.

And most laptops with Thunderbolt 3 connectors cost above USD1000 on average. Add in the USD300 cost of an external GPU. And you will quickly discover that buying a gaming laptop is a superior choice.

You could get a great gaming laptop for the same money that would last 3-5 years. There’s also the cost of purchasing a GPU if you don’t have one currently.

Performance Decrease

Because the GPU is external and not built into the motherboard, gaming performance will suffer. However, there isn’t much of a difference in-game performance. It would help if you also matched the GPU with the appropriate processor. If you don’t, you’ll have a CPU bottleneck, which will impair your gaming experience.

In terms of Intel, an i7 or above processor is highly recommended. You can get and more information on Intel processors in its functions. AMD’s Ryzen 7 processor is highly rated.

A powerful GPU necessitates a powerful processor. Before purchasing a graphics card, make sure the CPU can match up to the GPU.

Not at all transportable

External graphics cards are large and heavy. The Razer Core X is 14 pounds in weight. It’s more severe than any gaming laptop currently available. You cannot play games on the go because of the weight. However, to play, you will need to set it up at home.

Thunderbolt 3 USB-C Port

You will not be able to use an eGPU. Thunderbolt ports can carry massive volumes of data in a fraction of a second. This is a critical point.

Because the external GPU processes the visuals before being sent back to the laptop, there will be a considerable quantity of data if the connection speed is not quick enough. If you want to use an eGPU, Thunderbolt ports are required.

A Thunderbolt port is required. This is the first criterion that a laptop must meet before purchasing an eGPU because there isn’t a Thunderbolt port.

Which option would be better for you in between Gaming Laptop vs. eGPU?

It is dependent on your requirements. If you desire a long battery life while still playing games, this is the device for you. Then an eGPU appears to be the best option. It enables you to take advantage of ultrabooks’ lightweight and battery life with ease.

Gaming laptops, on the other hand, have gone a long way. They are no longer as hefty and unwieldy as they formerly were.

Other gaming laptops don’t have the traditional “gamer” appearance. They’re now slimmer and lighter. And a couple of them have decent battery life. The battery life isn’t great, but it’s adequate. You’re looking at a 7-hour wait.

When it concerns costs, the cost of a Thunderbolt 3 laptop plus an eGPU adds up rapidly. As a result, you may need to give it some serious thought because you can get a great gaming laptop for a similar price.


We hope this guided article will help you to know that the eGPU VS Gaming laptop, which is better. As a gamer and expert, you need the best device to enjoy and do your work. We have explained to you each and everything related to the eGPU and Gaming laptop.

These two eGPU and Gaming laptops are the best options for you and anyone in the industry.

They both ha both have different features to detail with and have diverse prices range. So they are different in price packages. Most people wanted to purchase eGPU, but they cannot due to the price package reasons.

IF you are one of them, do not worry. You can buy a gaming laptop that is also best for you with fantastic features. We believe our article helps you. Good luck!

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